12 Nov

1970s Modernistic Funiture – Rock Hard PVC

Oh how I well remember one episode of furniture fad madness from my slightly younger days.  As a family we lived in a small village near London, in a newly built cul-de-sac at the top of an old established lane of gorgeous Art Deco style houses all filled with traditional oak, walnut, mahogony and ash furniture.    They were mostly aspiring young families in our road – on the way up to greater things.  At the time however, they would have been the original scandi ultra modern and practical furnishing folk.  We did not have this fantastic store then,  the nearest thing was probably Habitat.  Our neighbours were a  young couple with toddlers – they were always strapped for cash and never had enough money to last the week.  This did not stop the wife from wanting all the most modern designs in her home.  They bought black a faux leather pvc set – it was low, completely flat with little in the way of cushioning for seating.  The chairs were just the same – square blocks on metal feet.  Very modern and looked just like a magazine but so uncomfortable that they had to change them within a year.   Ahh, where was ikea when we needed it!