11 Oct

Caring Scandinavian Mindfulness

It’s a couple of  years now since I last visited the most modern furnishing outlet that I’m familiar with.  There

11 Sep

Repairing Old To Bring Back Up To New

I was watching a very well known repair programme on tv – it’s becoming cult viewing for many families.  The

13 Aug

Madame’s Huge Suites Or Scandi Simplicity

I was staying over with my chum in Cyprus a few weeks ago and we had a blissful couple of

15 Jul

Visiting Tudor But Living With Modern Oak

I can well remmeber one of the first visits I was able to make to a national trust property.  It

02 Jun

Shared Roof Space Causes Chimney Fire Nightmare

I was once the proud owner of a victorian mid terrace – built in the late 1880s.  It felt old

03 May

Property Maintenance For Multi Home Ownership

I have friends who own several properties – a house in the local village, in fact one of the minor

09 Apr

Tudor Example On Effective Property Care

Years ago my family went on mass to the Isle of Wight for long carefree camping holidays.  The weather forecast

18 Mar

From Furnished Flats To Bespoke Fitments

If you buy a very modern home, it is almost obligatory to fill it with scandinavian rubber wood, cheap and

11 Feb

The Nightmare Of The Scullery Kitchen

We all need to look at our houses and homes at some time in our busy lives.  Once upon a

07 Jan

Closing Down Sale Brings Bumper Harvest

When my family first moved into our nicely spacious and comfortable family house, we were able to furnish most rooms