11 Oct

Caring Scandinavian Mindfulness

It’s a couple of  years now since I last visited the most modern furnishing outlet that I’m familiar with.  There are many now out of town establishments but I can’t think of any other beyond the famous scandinavian one that can match it for modern bright thinking outside the box.  Being able to walk around the massive complex is organised and in fact it is difficult to get anywhere without following the well designed routes.   There are play areas for parents to leave their offspring, so that they can concentrate on finding and buying the perfect ensemble for their needs.  There’s also a cafe for the poor flagging shopper.  I always love seeing really modern style furniture and room settings – although I admit some of the ideas on their tv advertisements are baffling and leave me wondering exactly what the point was!  However, the furniture, although not that lovely solid oak or ash that we think of at home, it is sustainable and everything they put in their catalogue and warehouse is very carefully sourced to provide the best for the supply chain.