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21 Sep

Miserable Experiments With Modern Furniture

When I was a teen, we lived next door to a young family who had great ideas for being modern

14 Jul

The Roaring 20’s In Retro Furnishings

I’ve been leafing through some more up to date house and home magazines lately.  The thought has occured to me

19 May

Keeping Oak Tradition But With Modern Twist

If you’re thinking of buying new furniture, it makes great sense to steer away from the plasstics and manmade products

15 Mar

Perfection In A Pouffe & Solid Oak Sideboard

We do need to have the most comfortable sofas to be able to really relax as a family.  When you

13 Jan

Modern Icons Offer Comfort To Aged Bones

One of the joys of living in or near a very old village is the chance to get to know

29 Dec

Modern Oak Furniture Creating Iconic Feel

I’ve just come back from a wonderful Christmas house party with friends and relatives out in the middle of nowhere. 

12 Nov

1970s Modernistic Funiture – Rock Hard PVC

Oh how I well remember one episode of furniture fad madness from my slightly younger days.  As a family we

11 Oct

Caring Scandinavian Mindfulness

It’s a couple of  years now since I last visited the most modern furnishing outlet that I’m familiar with.  There

11 Sep

Repairing Old To Bring Back Up To New

I was watching a very well known repair programme on tv – it’s becoming cult viewing for many families.  The

13 Aug

Madame’s Huge Suites Or Scandi Simplicity

I was staying over with my chum in Cyprus a few weeks ago and we had a blissful couple of