07 Jan

Closing Down Sale Brings Bumper Harvest

When my family first moved into our nicely spacious and comfortable family house, we were able to furnish most rooms from a spectacular purchase at a closing down sale of a well known and very long established family furnishing firm.    We had the advantage in that my husband had worked for them in the despatch department for years and I had been in the sales and finance office before we’d both moved on and up to other things.   Prior knowledge of what was coming up in that clearance was so helpful.  We got a huge 4 seater leather sofa, with it’s twin 2 seater;  one king sized 4 drawer divan, matress & headboard;  a double set complete;  one single set.  With these came 24 studio pictures from the room settings in their onc magnificent high street showroom – an incredible amount for only £3,500.   Timing was critical.  No such bargain sales these days, sadly!