21 Sep

Fantastic Flat Conversion Prompts Business Startup

I was talking the other day with someone I used to work with some years ago – she and I were having a fabulous catch up session – what her family have all got up to and how my life panned out.   We both bought our first homes in the same year.  She bought a tiny 4th floor flat in town and my partner and I bought the middle one of a set of three victorian terrace houses.  Her flat was small but immaculately finished – the vendor had really worked magic to make the kitchen a spacious as possible – a fold down table with comfy stools;  integrated white goods behind cabinet doors and a bedroom with wonderfully modern fitted ensuite bathroom.   Whilst we were reminiscing, she told me that the vendor had used the profits on his sale to start his flat conversion business.     He’s still in business today and has an excellent reputation!