04 Aug

First House Purchase Incurs Difficult Choices

When you buy your first house, the temptation to go out and fill it with every conceivable piece of furniture that you like in the showrooms can be rather hard to resist.  You see a very nice corner suite that won’t take up masses of room, then you see a matching foot stool or pouffe that would be useful because it stores stuff under the seat . . . .  Then the bedrooms, do you buy a four drawer divan bed or enjoy the delights of an old iron bedstead with a new modern hi tech matress.  These are questions that need sorting out before hitting the stores otherwise its very easy to come back having spent a fortune, with a mish mash of ideas all about to be delivered and no real sense of design or purpose.  Going to one online site and looking out new ideas is a brilliant way to keep a hold in expenses and wild dreaming.