24 Jul

Furnishing Correctly For The Coming Out Season

You can’t imagine these days being part of the 1920s and ’30s social scene where the need to follow social etiquette to the nth degree was absolutely critical.   I have lots of dealings with a historic house that used to be governed by these very conventions.  Here I am thinking of the ‘coming out’ ball held in 1876 for one of the daughters of the house I’m attached to.    The father not only had his house extended to accommodate a small ball room, but upon finding out that a nearby palacial pile had added an even grander, bigger ballroom, he then had yet another built on at the back of his house.   Ensuring the correct style of furniture – up to date for its day was also absolutely essential.  It’s so easy these days to furnish our houses and be utterly relaxed about it whilst we choose from some of the best online sites out there today!