18 Nov

Homes Need To Downsize To Conserve Open Space

One of the nicest things about living in a modern family home is having fitted wardrobes and cabinets in each room.  Today we seem to own and hoard masses more stuff – books, cds, pictures, clothes and bathroom products.  I can well remember as a child having to keep my few pocessions in a box under my bunk bed.  The shared wardrobe was purely for hanging my clothes and school uniform.   We now have masses of room per person in the average family house.  On every lifestyle property programme, the buyers demand a bedroom for each child, ensuite bathroom facilities to at least the master bedroom and separate untility room for the laundry operation.  The interior design of houses has changed over the years to facilitate these needs.  But houses have to get smaller as building land become scares and we need to preserve green belt and pasture lands.  We are more conscious these days of our needs to downsize.