22 May

House Viewings Welcoming A Modern Twist

I do love wandering around historic houses and churches.  In fact we used to plan all our family holidays to take in cities and towns with a good choice – no houses, no camping.    After many years of this activity, it begins to feel very ‘same as, same as’ and I found myself being completely zoned out whenever I came upon a ‘green bedrom’ or another ‘yellow drawing room’.   so it was with great joy that I came across the unexpected joy of finding a modern country house open for viewing.  This one is so different from my usual choice – seriously modern with clean lines, no frills, stark architectural lines.  I really enjoyed looking at each room setting which ranged from the late 1940s through to the end of the 1970s.  The different decades reflected in the choice of furniture and furnishings – some bright brash colours.  The monochrome dining room with matching chinaware and kitchen linens.  Fantastic fun.