27 Apr

Kitchen Detail In Your Property Interior Designs

Domestic Kitchens

A kitchen is a space or room in the house which is used for the purpose of cooking. In the western world, a kitchen encompasses the following: a sink, fridge, hot and cold water and stove. The basic job of the kitchen is to store food and preparing the food. It may also be used as the purpose of dining and laundry.

Commercial Kitchens

Commercial Kitchens can be found in restaurants, hotels, hospitals and cafeterias, schools, army cantonment, et cetera. These kitchens are quite big in size and contain quite larger and heavier equipments that are not to be found in the kitchens that are residential in nature. Commercial kitchens are made responsible for the health of the public and are checked by the health inspectors on periodical basis. They can also be shut down if they fail to meet the required health standards. Strict rules and regulations are made for the commercial kitchens.