13 Aug

Madame’s Huge Suites Or Scandi Simplicity

I was staying over with my chum in Cyprus a few weeks ago and we had a blissful couple of hours wandering around the brand new shopping mall.  It is indeed a wonder – lots of shiny glass and chrome.  Huge stores with a few bits of stock, one or two bored looking store assistants and very few customers.  We enjoyed a flit through the expensive end of the clothing stores and then on to the even more expensive Italian furniture stores – they still go in for these massive sets of furniture.  When Cypriots have ‘made it’ in business life, be it as owner of a company, or as the local muktah, there is much rejoicing and greasing of palms.  It also allows Madame to select new furniture.  The designs are like something out of a 1940s Hollywood blockbuster.  Huge settees with rolling backs and arms – matching side chairs.  The accompanying furniture is just as big – huge dressing tables, sideboards etc. usually in rosewood colour, or ornate mirror finish, like the Palace of Versailles.  It was a relief to get back to our base with  light scandinavian simplicity – easy to move about and clean!