21 Sep

Miserable Experiments With Modern Furniture

When I was a teen, we lived next door to a young family who had great ideas for being modern and not following what everyone else did.  This was going back to the late 1960s and when they moved in to their house next to us, they had a modern low slung sofa, rather like a park bench but with padding.  They also had two smaller chairs in the same upholstery but not quite matching.  This was thought very daring but when Jean got fed up of that, she experiemented even further and bought a black pvc 3 piece suite.  It was very much the modern ‘must have’ item and to show it off, they held a Boxing Day party for the local neighbours.  That new pvc suite was very much talked about but not coveted it has to be said.  No one else actually liked the feel of it when they were invited to take a seat.  It was cold to the touch and I remember it stuck to your legs if you were wearing a short mini skirt – which every female in the room was doing in 1968!