06 Sep

Not Enough New Housing Means Staying Put

In these days of very low interest rates, there is a temptation to sell up the current family home and move to another bigger, better place . . . . . .  but there are limitations on this idea in that there are apparently not enough new houses being built, completed and released on to the market for the number of people waiting to buy.    Also the houses being built tend in the most part to be somewhat economical with space – gone are the days when developers were able to offer beautifully spacious 4, 5 and 6 bedroom detatched houses with nice family sized gardens to match.  The governent policies have now kicked in and houses are narrower, taller, more storeys, every square metre really working for its living.

So what to do – how about enlargening our current home – speak to a property and interior design agency to find out how going down this route can be so much more cost effective and will add hugely to the sales value of the home.