28 May

Oak To make That Mark In Your Home’s History

The wonderful smell of oak cabinets and oak furniture.    It’s funny isn’t it, of all the materials in the world that can be used for anything in the home, be it floors, tables, doors, window frames – once you add the oak feature, it becomes something much more special.

This was borne out when I visited a super art deco place in a nearby town.  It is stunning throughout, although a little dark for my taste is many of the somewhat bijoux rooms.  The ideas were so ahead of their time in the late 1920s.  There are fabulous panels in the flooring, tables with beautiful finishes.  China cabinets reflecting the movers and shakers of their day.  When we want something to reflect how well we are getting on in life, the only way to make that mark is to use a quality product.  You cannot get any more quality thatn a good old fashioned peice of oak, whatever it be used for.

10 Apr

Getting Help With Interior Design Update

Now that spring has truly sprung into life, and the cold dankish winter weather  has departed for a few weeks, it is just about the right time to be thinking up upgrading the decor or design in our properties.  Maybe that old lounge set up can be brought up to date, or the bedrooms could have new wardrobe and storage units to make them more adaptable to every day living.

Thre are some wonderful ideas out there and the glossy magazines that line the supermarket shelves are full of this scheme or that.  As it is around Easter time that families go into overdrive to start thehome improvements, this is a very good time to actually sit and take stock of what we already have and how perhaps a professional company could be brought in to update the home with their expertise and interior design knowledge.

03 Mar

The Best Statement Features For Little Outlay

On a recent holiday up to the Peak District, my companion was eagerly describing a programme she had been avidly glued to for 2 hours in the previous week – the final instalment was due to air whilst we were away.  I was wondering if the cottage we were heading to actually had tv, neither of us had bothered to check this point as we usually didn’t bother as a rule.  The matter of  whether there was or was not a tv began to make inroads into the journey.

I am pleased to report that although the tv reception was pretty abysmal, the cottage did have enough broadband internet strength for us to watch bits on tv and the rest on computer.  The subject was interior design – making a feature in every room from free existing products and without spending anything.  There were great ideas from a professional interior designer and we were enthralled.  A good time had by all!

05 Feb

Keeping On Trend With Interior Design Ideas

Keeping up with interior decorating trends is a much easier thing to achieve these days.  There is a miriad of glossy magazines that line the shelves of the local supermarkets, posh and standard alike.  There are more people buying the house improvemet books than ever before.  Also, day time tv now has many home improvement programmes throughout the schedules and it is possible to get the most amazing ideas on there and also online.

If interior design changes are due for your house, it can really pay to talk to your local interior design studio.  Call them in for an informal chat and they can indeed show how best to use this space or that.  The choice of materials will also be a feature they will offer advice on.  They know the markets well and will be able to say what is currently a good buy and what will outlast just a trend.

11 Jan

Recreating That Villa Experience Back At The Homestead

One of the oustanding features of a holiday, be it homebound or any kind of trip abroad, is the ability to see all kinds of buildings everywhere around us.   There are so many influences out there that can inform and enlighten our way of thinking when we get back home.  When we do return, particularly after a very memorable and immensley happy trip,  it’s incredible how soon we start eperiencing a feeling of dissatisfaction with our immediate surroundings.  This is often the case when we have been able to visit somewhere really beautiful with stunning interior decor and different furniture displays.  Of course, they look absolutely amazing in those situations – they’re right for the position.

We can bring a modern transformation to our own humble homestead by engaging an interior design team to bring fresh ideas and encapsulate what you liked in your holiday location, perhaps downsizing if a little ambitious!

18 Dec

Making A Design Impact With Oak At Home

In the early part of the 20th Century, after and as a result of the first world war, there was a change in the demographic of this country caused by the tragic loss of so many young men.  Families and whole villages were torn assunder and the traditional roles within household staffing and industrial affairs changed for ever.  Since the 1950s once the building works had been put in place to rehouse so many bomb affected families, there has been peaks and troughs in the house building industry.  The late 1960s saw a boom in the private estate building and in the late 1990s, larger very comfortable houses were being built for the more prosperous working and middle class family.

These are the houses today that are being refurbished, or in some cases, completely redesigned and rebuilt.  Oak is a very popular coice for refitting and refurnishing properties.  So reliable a material is ideal for all projects.

25 Nov

The Services Of Interior Designer Still Much Thought Of

Over the years we have bought one house after another, in the old fashioned way of starting with the cheap Victorian terrace, no central heating but with a large upstair bathroom and three bedrooms.  The kitchen had already been made very long and narrow by the knocking through of 2 small parlours and the squalid little outside sink area.  We never had the money to do anything other than just decorate and stop the place looking too old.

Our idea was to redesign the insides, knock through to add an ensuite on the master bedroom by taking a lump from the second bedroom next door.  These pipe dreams never got off the drawing board for us but our immediate neighbours did manage one or two interior design achievements.  They were able to engage the services of a professional interior design studio who were absolutely fantastic.  They always told us it was their best decision ever taken.

22 Oct

Updating And Refurbishing Property In Time For New Year

There are so few things in the working year to conjur up a warm soppy feeling of nostalgia than the warm glow of Christmas and other festivals leading up to and beyond New Year.  We fondly recall thoughts of all the family happily sitting around the living room, massive tree in the corner, piles of presents in the corner and a roaring fire in the grate.  No-one actually recalls last year when there were problems with the windows and the poor old dining room proved toally inadequate for hosting more than a small family and next doors’ cat.

This is just the reason for engaging the services of a professional property and interior design studio to talk about redesignign parts of your house to make the very most of the space available and perhaps make it more ergonomically and energy efficient whilst at it.  This will also enhance the sales value, which is critical in these challenging times.


06 Sep

Not Enough New Housing Means Staying Put

In these days of very low interest rates, there is a temptation to sell up the current family home and move to another bigger, better place . . . . . .  but there are limitations on this idea in that there are apparently not enough new houses being built, completed and released on to the market for the number of people waiting to buy.    Also the houses being built tend in the most part to be somewhat economical with space – gone are the days when developers were able to offer beautifully spacious 4, 5 and 6 bedroom detatched houses with nice family sized gardens to match.  The governent policies have now kicked in and houses are narrower, taller, more storeys, every square metre really working for its living.

So what to do – how about enlargening our current home – speak to a property and interior design agency to find out how going down this route can be so much more cost effective and will add hugely to the sales value of the home.

21 Aug

Interior Designer & Property Companies Excel In Refurb Projects

Unless you youfully live in a brand new all shiny and exciting mansion, chances are you often think about how much your beloved homestead could do with a total makevoer.  This is a common theme every weekend if the number of folk milling around the out of town DIY stores is anything to go by.  But having the time and energy to turn  your good intentions into a full blown renovation and refurn job can very often throw you off track.

Never fear, there are some fantastic interior design companies out there who are very experienced in all aspects of property refurbishment and they have the happy knack of being able to interpret the plans and aspirations of the everyday home owner and turn them into beautiful plans to be considered and implemented.  They have the expertise to look around a home, noting light and shadow, missing storage capacity etc.  The excellent job they do is well worth the fee every time.