15 Mar

Perfection In A Pouffe & Solid Oak Sideboard

We do need to have the most comfortable sofas to be able to really relax as a family.  When you see the adverts, there is the nuclear family, mum, dad, boy and girl.  They are happily placed on the sofa, all watching tv together and having a jolly time.  Life is rarely like that so getting the right furniture for the sitting room can mean arduous searches for inspiration and ideas.   Some people really hanker after the low slung all hard leather chesterfield sofa – I know they look fantastic, very classy and with care, will outlive the owners a couple of times over.  However, for me they are just too low and don’t offer any support around the lumber region.  I prefer to go for a more structured back where I know I can put a hefty cushion to lean against.  I also need to have the matching pouffe that is placed to the side of my knees so I can swing my tired legs up and across.  Essential for me to get my ankles off the ground when they start to swell.  My absolute favourite piece of furniture in my house though is the beautiful solid oak sideboard.  It is very modern with a door each side and between these sit 4 very plain drawers with no knobs, handles or anything, you simply pull them open from the bottom or the drawer facing.  This item has been mine since January 2015 and I have cherished it each and every time I go into the dining room.