03 May

Property Maintenance For Multi Home Ownership

I have friends who own several properties – a house in the local village, in fact one of the minor manor houses of it’s day is their main residence.  Then they have a very modern no frills pad in the docklands area of east London – it was bought with a permanent move to the City in mind and was a snip at the time.  Very good choice too, the value has quadrupled in ten years.  Finally they enjoy trips to the south of france to their old farmhouse – another snip of a property, bought from an ex pat who was rapidly going bankrupt, and they helped his liquidity.

Having lots of places to stay is exciting and a great advantage sometimes.  It is also a job to keep everything updated and if they didn’t use a property maintenance contractor for the two oldest properties, these could cause serious worries.  Always worth the fee for peace of mind and keeping values up.