11 Jan

Recreating That Villa Experience Back At The Homestead

One of the oustanding features of a holiday, be it homebound or any kind of trip abroad, is the ability to see all kinds of buildings everywhere around us.   There are so many influences out there that can inform and enlighten our way of thinking when we get back home.  When we do return, particularly after a very memorable and immensley happy trip,  it’s incredible how soon we start eperiencing a feeling of dissatisfaction with our immediate surroundings.  This is often the case when we have been able to visit somewhere really beautiful with stunning interior decor and different furniture displays.  Of course, they look absolutely amazing in those situations – they’re right for the position.

We can bring a modern transformation to our own humble homestead by engaging an interior design team to bring fresh ideas and encapsulate what you liked in your holiday location, perhaps downsizing if a little ambitious!