17 Apr

Swapping Scandi For Beautiful English Oak

I have lived in my nice comfortable family sized home for nearly 20 years and it has been a source of constant joy with very little to get me down.  When our family moved into this house just as it was finished being built – the paint just about drying on the walls . . . we bought a lot of the scandinavian flatpack furniture that was so popular in that time.  It served us well and I still have much of it dotted around.  My joy though a couple of years ago was to refurnish my main dining room and all the bedrooms.  I decided that a little more classic furniture with some style was needed to give my comfort an oomph.  I chose oak furniture throughout – the colour varies on each piece and the feeling of warmth is wonderful.  I particularly like the lighter oak – nothing oppressive or heavy about my stunningly beautiful sideboard.