14 Jul

The Roaring 20’s In Retro Furnishings

I’ve been leafing through some more up to date house and home magazines lately.  The thought has occured to me that it’s some time since I furnished this house – in fact it hasn’t been done downstairs for the twenty years since moving in.  about time to see what’s about in the current range of furnishing ideas thinks I. . . .  Whilst perusing said magazines, an overwhelming feeling of de ja vu came upon me in that many of the schemes and colourways have a very distinct look back to the 1970s and 1980s.  I was amazed however to see in the most popular ‘home makeover’ mag, that one enterprising  young HR director has ripped out quite a smart oak and cream kitchen and dining area that had double doors through to a lounge of similar colourway . . . and replaced it with a green, orange and white geometric patterned combo.   Once I’d overcome my surprise, I realised it was very space saving, looked easy to keep clean and was ultimately very cheerful and could easily absorb the mess a child and dog can create without any difficulty at all!