25 Nov

The Services Of Interior Designer Still Much Thought Of

Over the years we have bought one house after another, in the old fashioned way of starting with the cheap Victorian terrace, no central heating but with a large upstair bathroom and three bedrooms.  The kitchen had already been made very long and narrow by the knocking through of 2 small parlours and the squalid little outside sink area.  We never had the money to do anything other than just decorate and stop the place looking too old.

Our idea was to redesign the insides, knock through to add an ensuite on the master bedroom by taking a lump from the second bedroom next door.  These pipe dreams never got off the drawing board for us but our immediate neighbours did manage one or two interior design achievements.  They were able to engage the services of a professional interior design studio who were absolutely fantastic.  They always told us it was their best decision ever taken.