22 Oct

Updating And Refurbishing Property In Time For New Year

There are so few things in the working year to conjur up a warm soppy feeling of nostalgia than the warm glow of Christmas and other festivals leading up to and beyond New Year.  We fondly recall thoughts of all the family happily sitting around the living room, massive tree in the corner, piles of presents in the corner and a roaring fire in the grate.  No-one actually recalls last year when there were problems with the windows and the poor old dining room proved toally inadequate for hosting more than a small family and next doors’ cat.

This is just the reason for engaging the services of a professional property and interior design studio to talk about redesignign parts of your house to make the very most of the space available and perhaps make it more ergonomically and energy efficient whilst at it.  This will also enhance the sales value, which is critical in these challenging times.