15 Jul

Visiting Tudor But Living With Modern Oak

I can well remmeber one of the first visits I was able to make to a national trust property.  It was many years ago and I’d wanted to go to this tudor manor house for years, having seen a romantic picture and script in a magazine – ift offered viewings of the oldest tudor property on the island with contemporary oak furniture and effects .    As it turned out the young family owning it had been pretty inventive with their advertising and in fact the place, although truly old and probably genuine tudor age, was not quite ready for visitors and we turned up unannounced.  There was some embarrassment as the host tidied things up and tried to cover the fact they’d forgotten they’d advertised they’d be open.  We did enjoy seeing the age appropriate furniture and were struck by the tiny beds – even the master bedroom – it was quite high off the ground; but was only about 5ft in length and not very wide.  Of course, folk were very much smaller in those days and it was almost like walking around an untidy dolls house.   It stopped me hankering for a very old house with furniture for myself and I rejoice in owning very comfortable and practical modern style furniture!